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HT-F9730W wireless rear speakers keep disconnecting

I'v had the system for about 5 years now and LOVE it but have noticed the read speak blue light will start flashing and then eventually go out and I lose the rear speakers.  The module was under my couch about 10 feet from the main unit.  Sometimes a blanket would fall in front of it or it might get knocked back a little.  So I moved it to a side table now about 8 feet from the main unit with clear line of site.

I cleaned both of their fronts to make sure it wasn't blocking anything.  Did a renew the ID thing did not fix.  It could be a few minutes or hours and I'll just notice the rear speakers have gone out.  Turn the system off and then back on recconnects but it's a pain during a movie or show to have to stop everything and do that then back up where I was.


Any ideas?