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Cosmic Ray

HT-J5500W Partial Refund - Samsung Can't Fix

My previous post got deleted by @SamsungGill  for "vulgar language" lol


If you sent in your J5500W device, expect an email or a straight to voicemail message saying that you'll be getting a refund. If you try reaching out to Samsung to see if you can just get your device back, they will not send you back your device (is that even legal?). The refund is also a fraction of the retail value of the home theater system. When asked why I wouldn't be getting paid the full amount originally paid, the case manager said it's because "the device has depreciated in value."


If you have a repair set up and haven't sent your device in, I would recommend avoiding that. Hopefully a third-party repair shop will come up with a solution soon. 


Until the next deleted post! 

Cosmic Ray

Re: HT-J5500W Partial Refund - Samsung Can't Fix

Yep,...useless effort. They cant fux mine, and is supposed to send some money,...but it's been weeks....I think we've been had.