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HW-A450 = Great quality for less

(Topic created: 05-30-2022 09:53 AM)
Home Theater
Hi everyone!
Samsung is known for making great quality home theater solutions- but like with the rest of their technological devices, you can't automatically look down at the lower-tiered options! 
I've had the chance to try out their HW-A450 soundbar & subwoofer home theater set, and I have to say- the sound output (especially​ the bass & treble) shocked me! Mind you, this was purchased in-person at a Best Buy for a nice bit below what their online listing price was for. For such an amount already being taken off the top can get people to think a bit negative about it- then getting to the store & even more of the amount is taken can really have proper second guessing. But I must say this- if you're on a budget & need a home theater system from a reputable brand & is of great quality, then the HW-A450 may be for you! Although the soundbar part may be considered by some to be somewhat longer than what they'd typically look for, and although the subwoofer box is a bit on the big side (mainly height-wise, somewhat width-wise), but if you have the space for it, it's definitely a worth-while investment!
Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to share! 

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