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HW-J370: No sound from subwoofer or surround speakers.

(Topic created on: 6/5/21 10:43 AM)
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I've had this sound bar with subwoofer and wireless satelite speakers(SWA-7000S) that came as a package for a good while and the surround speakers haven't been working for a while.

Finally got around to checking it out today and saw that the extension cord to the SWA-7000S had come unplugged. Plugged it in and still no sound so searched up the manual to reconnect them. Realized I'm getting no sound from the subwoofer either so went through the process to connect both the subwoofer and surround speakers.

Everything went as it should as far as lights going solid and message on the sound bar, but I'm still getting no sound from the subwoofer or surround speakers. Surround is turned on in the settings, and there's no sound even if I turn the subwoofer and surround speakers all the way up. 

Anyone have any idea what I could try next, or have the subwoofer and speakers probably just gone bad?


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