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HW-K650 soundbar buttons change around and bar auto powers-off after a few minutes

(Topic created: 05-17-2021 10:12 AM)
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I have a HW-K650 soundbar with the latest firmware according to update (3117).  Sometimes the physical buttons "rearrange themselves"  like "Volume down" turns into "power" and "volume up" is "volume down".  It also started turning itself off in the middle of a show as I'm watching after maybe 10-15 minutes.  The bar and power supply do NOT seem overly hot and I have found no other usual behaviors. 

Unplugging and replugging the soundbar appears to revert the physical buttons.  I have tried different HDMI cables between the bar and the TV, but it did not change anything.

The "H E L L O" message on power-on appears animated differently than I remember too, but that's minor.

I have had this set up working fine with HDMI-CEC for about 3 years before the problem started.  The TV is a "dumb" Vizio 1040p.


I'm trying to determine if it's a bad firmware update to the soundbar, the equipment is dying a slow death and I need to start deal-watching, or there is a quick fix elsewhere.


Help!  and THANKS!

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Make sure the TV being used supports EDID and check to see if there is any conflicting IR codes. If possible, force a remap of CEC/Anynet+