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HW-N950 boot loop

I powered on my N950 and it just cycles on and off in a loop.


The display keeps repeating, "ON, HDMI1, UPDATE, HDMI1, BYE" repeatedly, and I am unable to use the soundbar.


I've disconnected the all cables and power and have restarted the system from scratch, but the problem continues.


I was not updating the soundbar. Soundbar wifi has been turned off since original purchase. And I don't use the Smart Things app. So it's not an issue of manual or automatic updating.



Starting last year, the soundbar occasionally would show the UPDATE message one time, restart, and work ok after that. This went from once every few months, to once every few weeks. Until 2 days ago when it would just keep rebooting on its own.


I've tried hard resetting by holding down the volume +/- buttons for 30 seconds but that doesn't do anything. Holding down the gear button on the remote doesn't do a hard reset either.


This seems to be some electronic component going bad over time. Maybe power supply and/or capacitors, cold solder joints, or something scrambling the firmware.


This problem has showed up with other models of Samsung soundbars, so it's probably a hardware thing common across multiple model designs.


Any clues?



Re: HW-N950 boot loop

Thanks SamsungCaleb and SamsungLou!


I got a message from support this morning saying that my soundbar has been fixed and is shipping back to me today.