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HW-Q59CT Soundbar volume control issues & Samsung's terrible support service

(Topic created: 10-19-2021 10:11 PM)
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I've got a new Samsung HW-Q59CT soundbar, which is connected to a new Sony X90CJ television, installed in August.

Everything worked together fine, for a short while.  The soundbar is plugged into the HDMI ARC input, and the Sony TV remote controls the soundbar volume directly when it is turned on (when the soundbar is off, it automatically switches to control the TV speaker volume).

Here's the problem:

On seemingly random, intermittent occasions, one of the two following things will happen with BOTH remote controls (the Sony TV remote & the Samsung soundbar remote):

1. The soundbar volume will not respond, at all, to either remote (but I can still use the Samsung remote to power off the soundbar to reset it, or to change the audio mode)


2. The soundbar volume will not exceed 25.  I can turn the volume down to zero, but when I attempt to go above 25 the "TV ARC" light comes on the soundbar and goes black.

In both instances, when I reset the soundbar (power off & then hold the "up" button down for 5 seconds), the problem resolves temporarily and I get full remote control access back.  The problem will not come back for the rest of the viewing session.

However, when I come back the next day, more often than not, one of these two problems has resumed.

In the case where the remotes does not work to control the volume at all, I power down the TV and turn it back on, and then I usually can resume with the "volume under 25" scenario outlined above. 

Again, only fully resetting the soundbar will solve the problem (but only temporarily).

I contacted Samsung Support about this.  The initial response:

"Oh, your remote control is bad.  I'll send you a new one for free." (Except it's NOT the remote, since the problem exists equally with both the Sony TV remote and the Samsung remote)

His exact response: "I see, so the Tv remote is also having the same issue, Alright then, you cna just provide me the details above and I can just get a tech out to check this for you instead."

Having a tech come out to diagnose the problem is a good solution.  Except that's not what happened.  I received a UPS label to send the soundbar back for a replacement.  I called Samsung support back, and was told "oh I'm so sorry, you were misinformed.  You have to send it back to us for a replacement."


I am not convinced that sending back the soundbar for a replacement will fix this issue.  I'm not sure what the problem is, but I've seen others on this forum with the same issue.  The tech rep even confirmed that this problem with the volume capping out at 25 is a known issue with a certain model of Samsung TV, but since I had a Sony TV it didn't apply to me.

The warranty return process would require me detaching the professionally mounted soundbar, finding packaging to send it back in (I do not have the box anymore) and waiting for a replacement to arrive-- all most likely to result in the same problem reoccurring.  If this is a firmware or software bug that needs to be fixed for example, exchanging identical soundbars is just an inconvenience and a waste of everyone's time. 

What I'm looking for here is just the BARE MINIMUM of technical support troubleshooting and a bit of research to try and get my soundbar working correctly.  NONE was offered by Samsung-- replacements only, with no attempt to understand nor to help me actually solve the problem.

If anyone here can help ease my exasperation, I'd be most grateful.

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