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HW-Q67T shut down/restart issues

(Topic created on: 3/11/21 2:29 PM)
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Hello all...

I've got two HW-Q67CT sound bars... When I shut of the TV the sound bar goes to mute, it does not turn off.  The Problem is that sometimes when I turn the TV back on the sound bar may or may not reactivate from mute and sometimes it will not turn back on if it has been shut down after being on mute for a while. When this happens I have to shut down the TV untill they sound bar and tv sync up and turn on at the same time.

I am running them both through the EARC HDMI ports on my TVs and the bar itself.

1 sound bar is connected to a Sony XBR 900E and the other to a Sony XBR 900H. I am using a Comcast X15 remote for both set ups.

Does anyone know if you can change the setting that tells the sound bar to go to "mute' when I shut down the TVs, I would like for the sound bar to power down when I shut down the TV? Or, has anyone experienced this issue and found a solution.

My old Samsung sound bar that was connected tom my Sony XBR 900E would just shut down when I shut off the TV.

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