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HW-Q70T Soundbar - no sound/image; unable to reset

(Topic created on: 3/5/21 4:21 PM)
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I have a HW-Q70T Soundbar.  After having to unplug the soundbar and move the bar (and connected tv), I experienced issues in trying to reconnect.  The soundbar is connected via the ACR HDMI connection with my 2019 Q70 tv.

The soundbar will not produce sound now, nor will it allow me to change volume.  When attempting to change the volume, it will only show "0."  The small screen will only say "Wifi Disconnected."  I am unable to change inputs.

Pressing the + & - buttons do not seem to reset the soundbar.

This did happen before, and I had to call support - they wanted me to send it in.  I solved the issue by trying to update the firmware via a usb connection, but that doesn't seem to work now.

Any suggestions?

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