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HW-Q70T Speaker layout and use

(Topic created on: 3/3/21 6:53 AM)
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I have the HW-Q70T and would like to know exactly the type of speakers and where each is located in the sound bar.

For example:  there is a mid-range located on the left and right with the center being a mid-range . . . 


Also I would like to know which speakers are active during the different sound modes:

For example: during standard mode- the left and right speakers are active and the subwoofer.

What is active during surround, game pro, and adaptive?

There are times when watching TV that I get voices from the center and left speaker but little or nothing out of the right speaker.  And I'm not sure what is coming out of the up-firing speakers if anything. 

I really can't determine if the sound bar is working properly. 

I would appreciate an education from any member or a samsung rep.

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I have your same problem. I bought a HW-Q70T and I realized that in sorround and adaptive mode no voices came from the right speaker (only sounds). I therefore asked to change the soundbar but the new one has the same issue.