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HW-Q80R Bluetooth Disconnecting Intermitently w/ Windows 10

Hey all,


Never had this issue until I got this new soundbar!


After pairing the soundbar will funciton as intended but disconnect itself from the laptop (windows 10) intermittently, you can see the device losing connection as it dissapears in device manager and bt control panel.  I have tried hard reset/firmware update/update and rollback BT and wi-fi drivers and have disabled power management for these devices.   

I have paired with my iphone without this issue, it appears to only be my laptop which this issue is occuring with.  However, I can pair other BT devices w/ no issue with my laptop. Have tested BT with my Beats Studio, UE Megaboom and other soundbars. 

Support has suggested I mail it in, but I am trying to avoid having to pay to package and ship it out if I can!