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HW-Q850T Only Plays Sound From Device Connected to it

(Topic created on: 2/24/21 2:41 AM)
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I have a Q850T Soundbar with the latest firmware connected to a Samsung 8700 Curved from 2014 or 2015 that does not support Dolby Atmos. In order to take advantage of the Dolby Atmos, I have my Apple TV 4K connected directly to the Q850T and the soundbar connected to the tv through HDMI ARC. The sound(whether Atmos or not) plays through the soundbar with no problem using the Apple TV. I have a Roku Ultra connected to the tv that does not transmit sound through the soundbar, only sound through the tv. The Roku turns on and off the tv and the soundbar when I press the power button, but no sound through the soundbar. Before I connected the Apple TV to the soundbar, I had everything connected to the tv, and all sound played through the soundbar. Is this something that I will have to live with, or is there some setting that I am missing in order to listen to the Roku through the soundbar? Thanks in advance.

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