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HW-Q90R Automatic Connection, Power, Source


I just got the HW-Q90R to test and see if it performed better than my Traditional Amp / Speaker setup. I'm very impressed with it sound wise so far. The setup was an absolute NIGHTMARE. I had to call Samsung support, spent an hour on the phone. Even the tech couldn't get it working. He told me it was defective and needed to be returned. I googled a little, and being a tech person, ended up figuring out how to get it working.

So the question....I have it paired with a 2018 82" Q6F. I have the soundbar HDMI output to the HDMI 4 (ARC) for the TV. I went through the universal remote setup etc. (removing my previous YAmaha configu as it was causing issues). I selected Home Theater Only just to see if I could get it working. It functions. It does control power to the soundbar with the TV remote. Cool.

So when I power on the TV it doesn't power on the soundbar and is always set to TV Speaker. I have to power on the soundbar and then go to output and set it to The Soundbar. Then it works and I'm off and going. Also, I mainly use YouTubeTV app, VUDU, AppleTV apps on the TV. I do not have cable or OTA TV services, I stream EVERYTHING. Is this how it's supposed to work? Shouldn't the soundbar automatically come on when I power on the TV, to the TV ARC channel and the TV should be doing sound output to the soundbar, not the TV Speakers? I have the latest firmware update on it as well. Thanks.




Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: HW-Q90R Automatic Connection, Power, Source

I believe the function for the soundbar to turn on when the tv is turned on, only works with using Optical cable connection. When you connect it using an Optical Cable, you can use the Auto Power Link. This feature turns your soundbar on when your TV turns on. However, it does mean that your soundbar won't turn off while the TV is still on. You can turn this feature off if you don't like it.

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