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HW-Q90R Soundbar... Working... Then Not... Then Working

Hello all.


I just want to add some information to this community regarding the new HW-Q90R Soundbar and the issues of is not connecting or this piece and that piece not working. Side note: there is a whole super long thread on this and I went looking for it and couldn't find it. So I put it in Google, and saw it was on the community


Problem: My soundbar system was working fine. Subwoofer and rear speakers all connecting all the time, as soon as I turn my tv on.  However, there were tons of complaints otherwise. I felt blessed. Next thing I know, on 7/3, suddenly the system would power on but it would not change from D.IN to TV Arc and no sound was coming out of anywhere except my tv. In the tv settings, it defaulted itself to "tv speakers." And when I would put it on the "soundbar... speakers" the sound was muted. However, everything connected (as the blue lights were solid on the back of the sub and rear speakers). Frustration. By the way, 7/3 was the new firmware update.


Troubleshooting: I did my own troubleshooting... everything you can think of. I then did Samsung chat for more troubleshooting, and they basically went through everything I already did. There was one thing different though. They had me test the Bluetooth function. Sound, in fact, now played from all the speakers. Hmmmmmm. Anyway, it didn't matter at the moment because nothing else worked. So I had to put in a service request. Frustration and anger.


Temporary: I disconnected this system and put my previous soundbar back (just soundbar and sub). I turned off my tv and connected everything. While doing this, I found that at first, I was having the same problem, no sound. I decided to treat this like I just bought it. I re-turned off everything. Disconnected the power supply to the tv, soundbar and sub. Then I reconnected the hdmi cable, then the sub power cable, then the soundbar power cable. I turned on the soundbar. Then I reconnected the power cord to the tv. All was working. I thought, hmmmmm....


Solution to original problem: I disconnected my old soundbar and unplugged the power cord from the tv. I connected the hdmi cable to the soundbar. Then, as the manual says, I connected the sub power cable, l rear speaker power cable, then r rear speaker power cable. I then turned on the soundbar. All speakers were connected as shown by the solid blue light. I then connected the tv power cord, then turned on the tv. I saw "TV Arc." I checked, and everything was on and working. I briefly checked a 4k disc also; all was working as it should.


Sometimes the answer is so simple and right there in front of you and neither you nor the support "techs" think of it. This is stupid though. I feel like that should not have happened in the first place. I was worried about where I was going to find a box for this soundbar. Anyway, I went on SmartThings and took the setting off of Automatic Updates.


The ONLY reason why I unplugged the tv was the manuals always say "make sure none of your equipment is plugged in when connecting cables" or something like that. You never know who this might help so I decided to post it.