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HW-Q90R Subwoofer No Longer Useful after 1012.6

(Topic created on: 4/6/21 2:03 PM)
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I would like feedback as to whether anyone else has had issue with low output or volume on the sub-woofer after updating to firmware 1012.6. In my case, it has now gone mostly absent. It is still connected as I can barely feel some effect at the port with the volume at moderate levels. But it not currently useful and not what I paid for. Turning the system up very loud (>15) will supply some decent bass but that makes listening untenable.

The rear speakers sound level has improved with the latest firmware. But apparently that was at the cost of the sub. This was not an agreed upon trade off and Samsung should correct. It should not be a difficult task nor an unreasonable request for their top end system from only last year.

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Cosmic Ray
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I just updated today and woofer is low and the bass is almost non existent. bass is hollow at best.