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Re: HW-Q90R & HDMI Switch

@SQLDBA Hi again; just got the HDMI switch and it works! Thanks for finding this switch and sharing with us!


Do you know how to update the firmware of the HDMI switch? And how did you disable the auto-switch option? What does "console" mean? I'm not familiar with this process?


EDIT: found how to work with console. Edited the EDID connecting the HDMI Switch to the PC and apple TV 4k works great now! If anyone wants to learn how to do this, "at" me and I'll help you out. 


I ask this because the only thing that is not working for me is the Apple TV 4k unable to send Dolby ATMOS or uncompressed LPCM. ATMOS and LPCM work when directly connecting the appleTV to the soundbar, but it doesn't when connected through the switch to the soundbar. I'm thinking it has something to do with the EDID, as my PC was not allowing me to send 5.1 or 7.1 either, and I had to override the EDID from Windows 10.