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HW-Q90R stuck on BT

(Topic created: 08-06-2022 08:45 PM)
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HW-Q90R is stuck on BT mode but won't pair with any BT devices.

Q6D TV does not see in through HDMI ARC or Optical or BT and won't connect to WIFI.

Connections to subwoofer and two rears are good (steady blue light).

Tried to hard reset, does nothing.

Remote buttons or buttons on device do not do anything.

Connected to another Samsung TV with ARC and optical and results are the same.

Anyone have this issue or know of any solutions? 

Spent 1K on it and would like to save it if there are any solutions.

Love(d) this soundbar, please help!!

Warranty is expired of course.  Anyone know how much it would cost to get it repaired?





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Community Manager
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Hello! I understand how your soundbar not switching modes can cause an inconvenience. Since you have tried all the relevant troubleshooting this will require service. As this unit will need to be shipped in I would recommend reaching out to our depot center at 1-310-669-4334.