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HW-Q90r No Dolby Atmos w LG CX

(Topic created on: 1/3/21 1:32 PM)
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I am no longer seeing dolby atmos scroll across the mini screen of the soundbar when using my LG 65CX.  


This started happening after the latest firmware of the soundbar 1012.16 because everything was working great before this firmware.  The LG CX is on the latest firmware (03.21.09).  I have all the correct settings turned on the CX such as E-Arc enabled, pass-through (even tried auto) and bit-stream.  


All apps such as Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV and even 4k Bluray Discs sound great with sound coming from all speakers but dolby atmos will not come up on the soundbar.


Any ideas here?  Thank you.

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