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HW-Q90r soundbar subwoofer Orbi mesh interference crackles

i have HW-Q90R soundbar with latest firmware 1010.5 (same problem on 1008)

I also have Orbi RBK50 system with RBS50 and RBR50


when the Orbi router is on by itself -  no problem

when the Orbi satellite is on by itself - no problem (but obviously no internet)

once the router connects to satellite - there is interference


The interefernce causes the subwoofer to have crackles and drops (i.e. becomes silent) for a second or so, very often, (Every 5-10 seconds as soon as i turn off either Router or Satellite the crackles go away. 

i've uesd telnet to change the wireless backhaul channel - the only one that works is 50, it fixes it for awhile. Then the crackles recur. I'm not sure what triggers it to recur.  Interesting, when changing to channel 50, i can't the hidden channel reflected on a channel analyzer app on android.


The system is such that 

ORBI router -----------5m --------  soundbar  --------5m----------- ORbi satellite

they're about 5m apart.  Defnitely can't be futher apart.

The soundbar and subwoofer is literally 30cm apart


seems like the wireless connection between the 2 orbi is interfering

really not sure what else i can do to fix this problem.

I've tried to re-sync the woofer and rear speakers

Is there a way to change the frequency channl to which the soundbar communicates?

There does not appear a way to hardwire the subwoofer.

(it's hard to appreciate if there is disrutpion to rear speakers are they are not constantly on)


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: HW-Q90r soundbar subwoofer Orbi mesh interference crackles

I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer regarding this.

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Re: HW-Q90r soundbar subwoofer Orbi mesh interference crackles

The orbi backhaul is causing the interference. The  soundbar used channel 165 ish (5.8ghz frequency) to communicate with the sub. When I did telnet, I found out my backhaul was using channel 161 and after changing the backhaul channel to 100, I haven't had any issue since.