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HW-Q950T Soundmodes / How are rear speakers managed?

Just installed an HW-Q950T soundbar, it's a quirky thiing. Using with Sony A8H OLED, DTV & apps in A8H such as Amazon Prime my only source for now. The first thing I notice is when watching content in Prime Video there is no sound from rears in Standard Mode. I can get sound in Surround but I prefer not having the bar simulate as it sounds odd. I am guessing Prime is 5.1 which the Bar doesn't see the rear speakers as the rear channels in 5.1 signal? Is there anyway to correct that? I tried several different movies ad shows. A side note, I could only find 5.1 audio in Prime, I'm kind of new to the service so not sure if there are higher audio formats available? Anyway, back to the soundbar, oddly with Direct TV broadcast there is sound from the rears. I am not sure of this but it may be due to sound setting in DTV menu allows to select Atmos. Another side note, I had no idea that setting was there, it must be relativly new since it used to only allow a Dolby Digital option, they broadcast in Atmos now? 


Anyway, lot's I don't like about this thing. Any device lke this should have a display that shows you what you are outputing. I would like to scream this from a mountaintop. I would also like to smack whoever thought it was a fine idea to put the tiny little microscopic display the bar does have ON THE TOP OF THE BAR! Overall it does sound decent and I think with some messing around and a better understanding of how it handles various codecs and setting's I can get cozy with it.


Edit:  Update, I did find some shows on Prime that DO output sound from the rears, Jack Ryan for example. I guess there is some Atmos content. Something else I noticed, I'm not sure how to set the volume. Should the TV volume be set at a fixed spot (70% ?) and volume controlled via the soundbar?  There doesn't seem to be any guidance for this. It's odd  that using the TV volume control does control the soundbar volume, the soundbar remote / contols on the top also control the volume but they are not the same.