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HW-Q950a shuts off when using Firetv

(Topic created: 05-15-2022 08:42 PM)
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Hello - I recently bought the Q950a to pair with my Q90 tv. It is connected via HDMI Arc. It works like a dream when I am on HDMI 1 and my cable box, but for some reason shuts off randomly when I’m using my firetv for streaming. Does anyone know why this is or if there is a setting on my Firetv (4k more recent gen) stick that is making this happen? 

I have my firetv audio set to Dolby plus as the output which both support, so I’m confused. 

I tried re-pairing with my tv, switching to pmc as my output, resetting my sound bar, the whole works and I’m at a loss honestly. Any suggestions are appreciated. 

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