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HW-R450 Multiple connectivity issues


I've recently bought a HW-R450 soundbar and connected it with a Q6F tv. Initially I've connected it via bluetooth and worked ok for a few days. After this I've noticed that sometimes the soundbar's volume cannot be controlled by the TV, so I've decided to disconnect it from Bluetooth and connect via optical cable. Now I cannot control the volume from the TV remote and the soundbar is not even able to start with the TV. I've made sure that auto power link is on and that all tv remote option is set. I'm not sure what is my latest firmware version but you also do not have a release note for the latest versions so I do not see the advantage of updating it. How is it even possible to release public firmware updates without release notes, this is 101 in product development. 

This is really dissapointing as it is just poor coding destroying a decent soundbar... Samsung please respond, I really do not want to fight with you on warranty. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: HW-R450 Multiple connectivity issues

I understand your frustration. While we don't have full specifications for the available firmware update, Samsung recommends keeping your firmware completely up to date at all times.

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