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HW-R60c connected and 4K/UHD/HDR video went away

I have a UN50NU6950 Samsung 4k UHD TV, an Xbox One X, a PS4 Pro, and an HW-R60c. The HDMI-ARC port on the TV is connected to the HDMI-ARC port on the soundbar. The remaining port on the TV is connected to the Xbox One X. The remaining HDMI port on the soundbar is connected to the PS4 Pro. 


Since connecting this way, the PS4 Pro no longer detects that the TV is 4k, UHD, or HDR capable. I have noticed a VERY obvious dip in visual quality, which is upsetting to say the least. 


Is there a firmware patch that resolves this? Is there some setting on the soundbar I have overlooked? Is this soundbar just not capable of passing-thru a proper video signal? Do I need to buy all new HDMI cables (though they were just fine and everything looked gorgeous before I hooked up the soundbar)


At this point, it seems I have to decide if I want better sound and ONE 4k device, or two devices and go back to using headphones for better sound quality. This, along with my previous issue of the soundbar being completley unwilling to let me use Optical Audio while playing Rocksmith, has me ready to pack this unit back up and return it.