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Hdcp 2.2 issue with new soundbar

(Topic created on: 3/15/21 11:14 PM)
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Hi! I just got the Samsung 9.1.4 hw-q950t soundbar and it is really good! 

However... When I connect my Samsung UBD-K8500 Blu ray player to the soundbar And play some 4K movies I get a message that the content will be playing in HD becuse the screen or soundbar doesent support hdcp 2.2. My tv is a Samsung the frame 2020. I Still get atmos and hdr but not 4k. 

If I connect the blu ray player directly to the tv I will get 4k. But I also has an apple tv 4k connected to the soundbar and it has no problem with showing 4k and atmos. Is it the blu ray player that is having an issue? Both the soundbar and tv has support for hdcp 2.2. and yes, the cables are good enough. 


Thanks for your help :) 

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