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Help on my giga sound

(Topic created: 04-30-2022 07:08 PM)
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Have a giga sound and it's just saying waiting Bluetooth,CD player not opening FM and AM  not responding what do I need to do 

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It's the Giga Sound paired with you device? If so try unpairing it. Turn off the Giga Sound for a couple of minutes.

Turn it back on and go through the application to pair it. Once it's paired there you'll be able to pair it in Bluetooth Connections without opening the app in the future.

I'm going by the application I have to use pair mine and use to play with my Giga Sound. One always has to pair it though the app BEFORE using Bluetooth Connections to pair it.

I don't always use the app. I'd rather use my default player, Poweramp, because I have more control over the sound though the graphic equalizer.

I hope I understood you correctly and gave you the pertinent information I thought you need. I hope this solves your issue too.

Good Luck!