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Help pairing HW-KM45 with SWA-9000s

I recently purchased the SWA-9000s rear speaker kit after two Samsung agents told me it would work with my HW-KM45 soundbar system.



I turn off the soundbar and hold mute for 5 seconds to get the set id to flash. The subwoofer and rear speaker kit both flash their blue lights after holding the pins in for 5 seconds.  When I turn the soundbar back on, the rear kit does not connect but just continues to flash.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Help pairing HW-KM45 with SWA-9000s

If you are having trouble connecting the sound system, check out these tips:


  • Remember, only the wireless receiver module is wireless. The two speakers must be connected to the module by the provided cable wires.
  • When connecting the speaker cables to the wireless module, make sure you are correctly matching up the cables' colors.
  • Make sure the speaker metal wire makes contact with the metal tab.

If you are still having trouble, send your full model code and serial number via private message or call 1-800-SAMSUNG directly for help with your connection.

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