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Help regarding Samsung Home Theater, Model AH63-02058G

(Topic created on: 4/17/21 9:26 PM)
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So the skinny is, the audio (typically when I turn up the volume, I think) cuts in and out, sometimes on the left tall speaker, other times it will go off on the right and on rare occasions both with only the woofer coming through. The sound often returns but remains intermittent.

It would seem unlikely that the cables running to all these speakers are intermittent, so I think it's the optical cable so my question is:

What alternatives do I have to the optical cable in terms of connecting the theater system to my TV?

I see there is an HDMI but I can't use that as my PC TV has only two HDMI ports, and they're both in use so I have to rule that out.

Thanks in advance.

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