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Input Source Changes On Q80R Soundbar When Turning It Back On

This is a new phenomenon for me and may be because of something I’ve done but I can’t  find a way to change it back. I normally have the input source on HDMI 2 which my Fios dvr is connected to. But now when I turn the soundbar off and then back on it changes to D.In Arc which means I have to manually change it to HDMI 2 either by the remote or the SmartThings app to get the tv programming back on my tv, a Sony. 


The tv is connected by the ARC HDMI ports to the soundbar and the other devices connect to the soundbar by HDMI cables. All 3 devices - tv, soundbar, and dvr - turn on and off by one button on the dvr remote. Prior to today this worked properly, the soundbar would turn back on to the input source it was on when turned off. I’ve had the Q80 for several weeks now and this issue just occurred today. Is there some setting on the soundbar that can affect this or do I have to search through my tv settings to find something that will correct this?