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Issue with a Samsung DVD-VR375 DVD Recorder and VCR..VCR not working.

I recently aquired this Samsung model DVD-VR375 in hopes to record/transfer old vhs footage to DVD.

The problem is, every time I put a vhs tape in, when I hit play, all I see is picture and I can hear audio fine..but then after 5 to 7 just stops itself. So far I've tried it with 7 differant, store bought movies, but I also tried one of my recorded family videos and it doesn't play either. I tried 3 of the 7 store bought vhs movies on my VHS player downstairs and all 3 played fine.

This DVD-375VR works perfectly on the dvd player side, but any vhs tape I put in..all I see is fuzz/snow and I can hear the audio..but then it stops playing altogether after 5 seconds. When I fast forward, it also begins to forward..then 3 seconds later, stops automatically.

Could it be something as simple as using one of those vhs head cleaners?? The previous owner said they hadn't used it in forever but to me, it looks brand new. I spoke to them since and they refunded me almost all of my money and said they were sorry and I could keep I based on how inexpensive it now costed..I can I guess take it somewhere but just wanted to see if this is a common and/or easy to fix issue. It's not a tracking issue as this picture I get is really not even a picture..just full out fuzzy picture.

Thanks for any help or advice!!