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MS550 Soundbar sound jumps/cuts out

I have an MS550 soundbar connected to a samsung Q60R TV via HDMI.  I have a SkyQ box connected to the TV via HDMI. 


I have aproblem with the sound which jumps or cuts out intermittently - it seems to happen most during movies in the middle of an action sequence when the sound/music on hte movie becomes louder. It happens on a range of channels.


I recorded a movie and found a sequence where the problem occured - if I play sound through the TV speakers on the recording I don't get the problem.


I have switched off HDMI control on audio settings and replaced the HDMI cable to the soundbar.  The problem seems to occur whether audio is set to PCM or Dolby.


Grateful for any thoughts.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: MS550 Soundbar sound jumps/cuts out

Thank you so much for reaching out! This forum is for support of US products and customers. As your product is a non-US model and support for these models is very limited, please seek a support team for your area. You can do so by using this link: Thanks!

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