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MU8000 TV and HW-T650 soundbar sound issue

(Topic created: 04-29-2021 05:05 AM)
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I have a sound issue with my MU8000 TV and HW-T650 soundbar (connected via HDMI-ARC)

Issue: Dynamic rage of sound

When I only use the TV speakers I can set sound mode to Amplify and it takes care of different sound levels from different sources and compresses dynamic range, which is great for me.

But there is no such option when using soundbar.

I don't care about the different levels of sound from different inputs such as Youtube or other HDMI devices, what I care about is the dynamic range. DRC on soundbar is ON and doesn't solve the dynamic rage issue of weak conversation volume combined with explosive sound effects.

How can I configure TV & soundbar with effective dynamic range compression?

Please help!

My settings:

Audio input: Bitrstream

Audio output: DTS Neo 2:5 (PCM and Dolby provided very weak sound from youtube app and digital TV, but strangely not from Spotify app)

Most recent firmware for TV and soundbar.


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