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Multiple Issues After Samsung Soundbar MS650 Reset

(Topic created: 04-18-2022 07:56 AM)
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My current equipment:

Samsung UN65MU8000
Samsung Soundbar MS650 - Using BT. Auto Power On/Off with TV. No Auto Off until TV Off.
Samsung Subwoofer WA-W700


Note, before any of the below occurred, I had the above setup, functioning as desired, without issue, for three years. The above configuration, with my soundbar, is exactly what I am trying to get back to.


Recently I switched from Digital to Fiber Internet. In order to get the Samsung Soundbar MS650 to connect to my new wireless network, I had to reset it. After resetting, the MS650 connected to my new wireless network, without issue. I updated my soundbar's firmware through the app.


I then tried to configure my settings exactly as they had been, without issue, for three years. See above. I actually like the deep Bluetooth sound. I enjoyed that it turned On/Off with my TV. There are no wires. It would not Auto Off the way the device seems to do using any other input.


I can easily get the BT paired with the TV. The problem is, it does not Auto Power On/Off anymore. I have to turn the soundbar on using its own remote.


After some research, I am not finding any information that indicates the soundbar should Auto On/Off with the TV in BT. This is baffling to me, as it worked this way for three years. I have tried HDMI ARC as a solution.  The problem there, as many know, it Auto OFFs after 15 minutes or less, regardless of TV status. It makes a viewing experience quite frustrating.


Anyone able to help here? Maybe shed some light? I am technical and I am not mistaken regarding how this device was working, as desired, for the last three years.


Thank you for your help!


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