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Newbie question - connecting HW-T450 soundbar to older Sony Bravia TV

(Topic created on: 2/12/21 7:35 AM)
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Please excuse me if I don't have the proper terminology down for some of these cables - I have a Sony Bravia TV (KDL-52XBR2) and a Samsung HW-T450 soundbar system (with the 2 back-channel speakers as well). An included digital/optical out cable that was included is the only wired connection that can be made between the TV and soundbar. The Sony TV does have a digital out port on the back, however when the soundbar is connected here it only outputs sound on the Antenna channels, and does not output sound for any other connected device via HDMI (like a Firestick, or bluray player).

This setup is intended for my parents, to act as a replacement for the integrated speakers of the TV. I don't care about digital quality or channels or anything - I just want these speakers to output whatever audio is currently onscreen. To that end, I am hoping for a recommendation for a go-between device, or converter, or something that will take the digital/optical cable from the soundbar and change the signal so I can plug the other end into the composite audio or headphone jacks of the TV.  Anything that needs its own remote control or some kind of interaction to tell it to switch when we go from Antenna channels to a device on the HDMI inputs is no good - my folks already can't manage the number of remote controls they have.

Please help. This Christmas present was expensive and I thought I had worked out the compatibility just fine but the window to return has closed and I've gotta make this work somehow.

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