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No Dolby support w/ optical only ARC?

Apparently my brand new UN70NU6900 TV is only able to provide Dolby in any format via HDMI to the soundbar Best Buy said was the absolute most compatible. HW-T550.. I can't phantom that optical is subpar to HDMI.. Especially when the supposed Geek Squad manager said optical does way more for your sound.. It's the main reason I bought the TV with ONLY 2 HDMIs. I didn't think I'd need another and it was a good deal.. Im sure some of you on here knew this.. Heck my TV knew.. It tells me in the upper right hand of the screen.. Dolby is only possible with the ARC Hdmi.. Now I have to pick, I have to choose,.. to sacrifice.. because my dumb butt ignored the months of research and fell for the "deal of the day"..

BTW.. You would think Samsung would have a better AI bot than what they have in the support chat. I've talked to better AI on Nintendo.. the first one..

I'm bitter, yeah I know, mad at myself mainly.. But why in the world would you even build a beautiful TV like I have... all 70 inches of her.. and only give her 2 ports.. With only one being 4k receivable.

I love Samsung, I think they make some of the best things out there, this is honestly about me falling for Best Buys bull#hit yet again.. Cause I hate worrying about shipping buying online and they are right here.  Convince and fear.. And stupidity..

I'm hoping I'm wrong, that my TV is lying to me, that the repetitive under programed AI support bot is a real Ira that has a family and feels and dreams.. But I'm pretty sure I'm not.. 

Please.. I ask upon the wizards, the ones who have the gift, the knowledge of the tech gods here.. Strike me down with a thunderbolt of a fix, and update, a solution to get Dolby via optical to my bar again without the sacrifice of my chromecast... 


I'm odd, I know..