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No HDMI sound via Samsung Atmos HW-K950a Soundbar

(Topic created: 08-06-2022 12:08 PM)
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I have a Samsung 85inch 8k QN900a tv with a 8k hdmk cable plugged into the hdmi e-arc port of my tv and  Samsung Atmos HW-K950A Soundbar but only connections via wifi show up on the tv,why?

I have Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) turned on under external device manager. I have HDMI-eARC mose set to Auto Mode under Sound > Expert settings and the soundbar hdmi option still doesnt show up on my Sound Output options. It shows up as an option to connect via wifi (which works) but not hdmi, but this method doesnt allow dolby atmos. I have both tv and soundbar updated and i also tried a different hdmi cable.

How can i fix this? Please see below






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I have the same TV (fw 2001.3) but the HW-Q800B soundbar (fw 1008.2) and it seems to me I had that same issue after I'd updated the soundbar's firmware, which I did using the SmartThings app. The app iirc requires the soundbar to connect to WiFi. So my solution was to remove the soundbar as a SmartThings device!

Another thing I have noticed, as I just turned my TV on a few minutes ago to check my own settings, is that my displays were showing me only TV + Q800B HDMI and not HDMI-eARC. But I only had some Samsung TV program on, and when I instead called-up a Dolby Atmos video on YouTube, the eARC indicator was showing again! So like a lot of things on this (oft-times confounding) TV  it appears you are only offered settings that match-up with the programs you are watching.

First call-up a Dolby sound program on YouTube or another of your apps and see if now it changes from WiFi to eARC. If not, delete the soundbar from your SmartThings app. I don't know any other way to tell the soundbar "don't use WiFi at all!"