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Older HW-J450 soundbar subwoofer dead after 9 days...

So I've had a Samsung HW-J450 soundbar and subwoofer that my EX-girfriend gave me for Xmas like 4 years ago (we broke up very shortly after) sitting in a box and only just 9 days ago I took it out and installed it because I bought a new Samsung 4K 50" tv.  I was SO happy...for 9 days.  Today the subwoofer just stopped working.  The WiFi light is on, it's connected to the soundbar, and NOTHING.  Obviously it is out of warranty.  I was on chat with Samsung for TWO hours...yes, 2 hours.  Reset it two different ways, 6 times, downloaded new updates via USB flash drive, nothing.  So this is now a paperweight.  Any suggestions on what to do with it?  Can I get a "newer" subwoofer only and pair it to the soundbar (to try and save some money)???