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Passthrough not working on external drive!

(Topic created on: 3/12/21 1:22 PM)
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Dear sir/madam,

The firmware is faulty. When i plug in my external harddrive into the USB port the passthrough option is greyed out. U claim my soundbar HW-q950T  supports DTS, but when i put on a movie it says "audio not supported" cause your firmware wont passthrough the audio and the TV alone doesn't support DTS. 


Please FIX this issue! Ive seen over more then a dozen threads adressing the same issue dates back to 6 months ago. Why arent u fixing this? Claiming to sell a DTS:X with 9.1 when the firmware doesn't let it doesn't sound very legal to me. Sorry for my frustration but ive spent €3.000 on a 65q90T + hw-q950t and cant even play a movie in DTS. 


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