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Please fix HW-Q950A eARC dolby mat support

(Topic created: 12-03-2021 10:51 PM)
Home Theater

When I connect my Xbox Series X directly to TV (an LG CX), and connect TV's eARC port to HW-Q950A's eARC port,

and setup TV's eARC to bitstream passthrough, Xbox will tell me my home theater doesn't support Dolby Atmos when I choose output format as Dolby Atmos for Home Theater.

If I connect my Xbox to Q950A's HDMI IN ports , then I can choose Dolby Atmos for Home Theater normally, but I will lose HDMI 2.1 features since Q950A is HDMI 2.0.

I think the cause of this is HW-Q950A does not advertise its Dolby MAT capability on eARC port.

Please add Dolby MAT 2.0/2.1 support on HW-Q950A's eARC in future firmware update. 

Since Xbox Series S|X、Xbox One S/X and Dolby Access on Windows 10 all use Dolby MAT 2.0 as Dolby Atmos output format, this will benefit users of these devices

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