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Q-Symphony help -- setting is available but sound only from Soundbar

(Topic created: 05-29-2022 12:55 PM)
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Q-Symphony is not working! So frustrating.

  • TV = Samsung QN90A
  • Soundbar = Samsung Q70T

Both do officially support Q-Symphony, both are listed on https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00086542/

Here is what happens with different Sound Output options:

  • TV Speaker = works, tv only
  • [AV] Soundbar Q70T(HDMI) = works, soundbar only
  • TV + [AV] Soundbar Q70T(HDMI) = BAD: soundbar only! Q-Symphony not working. ***

*** More specifically, and maybe this is key info...

  • With TV's "HDMI e-ARC Mode" = Off, switching from TV Speaker to Q-Symphony, there is a short 3-sec transition, where the TV Speaker remains on for 2 sec, then stops. But the Soundbar takes 1 sec to start, then remains on. So they overlap for a second, and I can hear how good Q-Symphony could be.
  • With TV's "HDMI e-ARC Mode" = Auto, there is just a split-second overlap when both are on.

Why does the TV stop, in Q-Symphony? How can I determine if the problem with the Soundbar or the TV? Should I buy another soundbar and try that one with this TV? Returning the TV would be a HUGE hassle, as it does not fit in my car. 

I just purchased both TV and Soundbar from Best Buy. Though, when I registered them in my Samsung account, the Soundbar shows the warranty already expired, in Feb 2022. I wonder if it's a refurb, and was previously owned and registered by someone else, so it's not working properly. 

Other info

  • HDMI cable ("high speed with ethernet" provided with TV) connects TV HDMI 3 (eARC) and Soundbar HDMI eARC ports. 
  • No external sources. TV sources are just itself (LAN) and antenna (coax). No other HDMI in. Soundbar has no other inputs.
  • Soundbar source setting is D.IN (then display quickly changes to TV ARC).
  • I read someone suggested to enable "Multi-ouput Audio" (in tv > settings > general > accessibility), but that didn't help, and seems just for BlueTooth anyway.

Any help greatly appreciated.




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