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Q symphony Doesent work

I've ready many threads about people not being able to get theor Q symphony working. They have this tv or that tv and yes I'm in the same boat. Here is what I think. I think it won't work until there is an update. Yes the reps talk to you like they don't know about it until you point out specifics on the issue. Yes they almost act like they don't know what q symphony is and there is a reason for everything. No you don't need to mail your soundbar out for repair lol. They are going to tell you to do that but the reality is they should just sell a device that does whats it's advertised to do bottom line. There is an HDMI handshake issue between the soundbar and the 2020 tvs not allowing for your tv+soundbar to be an available option on your tv sound output. 

Were not all idiots and can't set a few settings on our expensive TV sets and sound bars lol. We had to be knoweldable enough to make the money to afford them right! Yes I've Dont the same as y'all. Had remote access get into the tech only menu of the tv ... no dice, checked all the settings... no dice, switched the hdmi cables out with 4 other cables... no dice... did all the resets I'm sure y'all have all done and I've even ordered some 8k 48gbps hdmi cables you see if that works. They arrive on Monday. They told me the whole your soundbar is broke mail it in jargan but that's not reality. It's one of 2 issues- your either need a better hdmi cable or they need to do a firmware update to allow for the handshake of the 2 devices. My setup I'm using mine on is a 2020 the frame 75" with a hwq950t and hey it's not my tv. Why do I know that because I tried it on my other 65" the frame same issue, and then I tried it on my other 75" Samsung in the living. They all produce the same result. When I change the hdmi cable some of them provide a different initial reaction from the soundbar but ultimatley .. no dice.. monday I'll try the new cables and like all of you I'll be waiting for a firmware update during the course of time that I've set up an in home appointment with a service tech who is due  out aug 24.    Bottom line is hey I'm a master electrician, I have about 50k worth of equipment upstairs in my theater for upstairs and these little all in one sets are supposed to just serve some bedrooms for me and I'm aware devices can have hdmi handshake issues I'm also aware of incompatible softwares I dealt with some of that with some of the products that are in my theatre that were still in beta... in any event Dont mail your stuff anywhere. Simply demand they work on an update! Yeah every bodies soundbar is broke that's the issue lol. In any event if my updated 8k 48gbps cables provide a different result I'll let y'all know. If the cables don't work it's a coding issue.. after all we shouldn't have to take our TVs apart and start soldiering hdmi modules into the sound circuit just to get a signal to our bars lol. Good luck with yalls soundbars.


sidenote I also bought a Sonos arc with sub and surrounds for my sons room and have been able to do a real time comparison to both and they both have some great soundstage for what they.. they don't compete with my 13.2.6 set up in my theatre but for the couple a grand they cost they sure do a nice job for what they are. I think when the Q symphony is working it will give my sons Sonos set a run for its money on the kids and highs but I think the Sonos is a winner in the bass production. That Sonos sub does very well. Samsung needs a 10" sub to compete with the Sonos sub. I think if Sonos decided to make a product with as many channels as the hwq950t then Sonos would take 1st in all catagories. Now if you pair Sonos fives with the arc and sub it does cost more and leaves the Samsung behind..


Anyway hey Samsung. Get your firmware update going guys. Is there maybe an issue with the one connect cord... I dunno.. is there an issue with the pcb board in the tvs dunno... is it an issue in the one connect box I dunno. I bet I'll find out eventually just like the rest of you.