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Q70R Soundbar stopped working on HDMI-ARC, other issues

(Topic created: 07-20-2021 06:09 PM)
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I’ve had my Q70R soundbar and Q70R (65) tv for a few months shy of 2 years, everything has worked together fine. I was watching tv the other day, turned it off and left then when I came back my soundbar wasn’t working in ARC and the tv has a pop up message that says “Your audio device is connected to a port that does not support ARC. Please connect your device to the HDMI 4 ARC port”. Soundbar has been connected to HDMI 4 ARC via supplied cable this entire time.


I tried troubleshooting it myself. Firmware update, disconnecting everything (power, hdmi) on both the tv and soundbar for about 10 minutes and plugging it back in and nothing worked.


I called tech support and he ran me through a few procedures to see what worked. New hdmi cable, hard reset on soundbar, cable box pass through, connect my phone via Bluetooth. Nothing worked. The only thing that works is on the WiFi source, then I get tv audio. I have not tried a factory reset on the tv because I don’t want to go through the setup process again and lose my settings.


So he told me it’s defective and I have to shovel out more money for an out of warranty repair on my 22-month old, $900 soundbar.


Hopefully someone here can shed some light on what’s going on or maybe knows of a fix for this before I go spend $400 (quoted by repair center) to get it taken care of.

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Since the error pop up came on your TV that it did recognize the audio device was plugged in but it didn't recognize that it was plugged into the ARC port it sounds more like the ARC port on your TV may be going out than a problem with the soundbar.