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Q800A high standby power consumption

(Topic created: 10-21-2021 08:29 AM)
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I've recently bought a Q800A soundbar and noticed that its standby power consumption is way above the stated on product specifications. While Samsung states 0.5W standby power consumption for the bar, I'm measuring it oscilating around 8~9W.
This power draw does not decrease even after hours in standby. In the morning, after ~12h in standby, I could feel the soundbar's middle-bottom (where the electronic board is located) warm, which means something is turning power into heat.

The subwoofer module is reading 0.6W, which is close enough to the also 0.5W specified by Samsung.

Just for comparison, I've measured my Q60T 50" TV standby power consumtion and it averages 0.8W, which is a much more reasonable value for a device which is also connected to WiFi and accessible through SmartThings app.

I hope this huge standby power draw is a firmware bug, and not a hardware engineering fault.

Some info that can help Samsung investigate this issue:


Firmware Version HW-Q800AWWB-1008.0
Sub Module SW Version 57
Plugin Version 2.2.102

- WiFi is connected to a 5GHz NW in the same room
- Alexa is not enabled/configured
- Q800A is connected to Q60T 50" TV through eARC
- My laptop and smartphone are Bluetooth paired to Q800A, but none of them were connected during the measurements



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Using HW-Q800A and same issue, also tried latest FW 1009.2 (USB flashed) but still high power consumption in standby.
Around 9w.