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Q800A uses a lot of power in standby

(Topic created: 06-10-2022 11:29 AM)
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I was shocked when I found out my soundbar on its own uses nearly 10W , on standby . So I started searching for a solution .

The issue was already mentioned on the forum here since October 2021 , and no official reply has come in yet ! No fix either , not even a workaround .

I have updated my soundbar to firmware 1009.2 and 1010.1 but none of them bring any improvement .

Some info that can help Samsung investigate this issue:

Firmware Version HW-Q800AWWB-1009.2
Sub Module SW Version 57
Plugin Version 3.1.60

- WiFi is connected to a 5GHz router in the same room
- Alexa is not enabled/configured (+ mic is muted)
- Q800A is connected to Samsung Q80A 55" TV through eARC
- Ipad is Bluetooth paired to Q800A, but not connected during the measurement


 Official power usage details :

Soundbar power consumption    28 W
Subwoofer power consumption    28 W
Power consumption (standby)    0.5 W

My Q800A + subwoofer together use close to 11W in standby which is totally unacceptable .
Q800A soundbar in Stand-by draws 10W , while the Sub draws 1W .


Samsung Should investigate this and come up with a fix ASAP !


Apparently when looking around , a similar issue happens on other Samsung soundbars .

Previous topic regarding this issue apparently got deleted/removed . @RhuanECC @Flash3d @DonTSI 




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Really professional handling of Samsung... removing the original topic.

@userf6y49KlI8n: Fix this issue!  

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Thanks @all-things for alerting me that my original post was removed. I was not notified about it by Samsung.

I have a bookmark to my original post pointing to https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Home-Theater/Q800A-high-standby-power-consumption/m-p/2050717#M2..., but now the link os broken. In fact, I couldn't find the topic anywhere, and at the time I'm writing this post my account has "0 posts".

As an enginner and embedded systems developer, I was really curious to hear from Samsung about this issue and hoping to have it fixed.
Though, since we didn't have any response from @userf6y49KlI8n, and their only action was to delete my original topic, I don't have any faith they are really interested on the quality of their products and will look into this issue at this point.

P.S.: I've managed to reduce the standby power draw from my Q800A to ~0.8W by completely disabling Bluetooth and WiFi (by holding for 30s each button under the bar). Though, I've lost the "smart" features of the product, and it takes longer to turn on after the TV is powered on. My assumption is that the connectivity features are preventing the bar to enter in real standby mode.

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I have a save of the previous thread in pdf , every time I post it it gets removed . Strange .

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I have the same problem, by current electricity prices in Germany, costs SMART function on this soundbar only about 20 EUR per year on additional cost, just for having it. Perfect.

I wonder how it is possible that Amazon it able to create smart speaker with 0,5 W consumption in standby mode, but when Samsung integrates Alexa into its soundbar it takes 8 W?

Or why you cannot add 2 more buttons to remote to deactivate wifi and Bluetooth with one click? What is the point of remote if you cannot really use it to control all functions?