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Q800t soundbar with swa-9100s sometimes rear speakers stop playing any sound

(Topic created: 08-20-2021 09:38 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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I have Samsung Q800T soundbar with additional swa-9100s rear speakers and sometimes randomly they won't play any sound. They're connected (blue led light on the rear speakers main unit) and I can set their loudness on the soundbar settings but they remain silent. I have to turn the sound of off and on with the soundbar's remote and they start working. I see similar issues have been noticed in q950 soundbar. Is there fix coming?

I tried resetting to factory settings, unpairing and paring the rears again and the issue still sometimes occurs. I also tested SWA-9000S and SWA-8500S and had the same issue. 

The soundbad has the latest firmware and is connected to my tv via eARC. 


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