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Q900t Soundbar - No Sound from Xbox One

(Topic created: 09-21-2021 05:28 PM)
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I have an XBOX One S with a Samsung Q80 television and a Samsung Q900t soundbar. Despite numerous forums, I cannot get sound from my XBOX gameplay to come through on the Q900t soundbar. I have run HDMI 2.1 cords in 2 different setups:

First, from the XBOX out to the Q80's gaming input (input 4). Then with the HDMI eARC cable from the Q80's eARC port (input 3) to the Q900t's eARC port. That did not work.

Next, I kept the connection between the Q80 and Q900t unchanged, but sent the XBOX out direct to the Q900t soundbar's HDMI input 1. This did not work either.


I can get video through either solution, but in neither case can I get the soundbar to put out any audio. I have been through every audio setting on the XBOX itself, as well as insuring the audio settings on the Q80 match every other forum's recommendations. Anything I am missing?

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