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Q90R Soundbar DD+/Atmos issue with 2021 Apple TV 4k

(Topic created on: 6/6/21 1:03 PM)
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First post in this community, hello all! 

I'm fairly new to the latest TV/Home Theater tech as I tend to keep my stuff for years.

Setup: Q90 TV One Connect Box, Q90R Soundbar, 2021 Apple TV 4k connected via OCB and ARC. Latest firmware updates on both the TV and Soundbar. 

Issue: Newly purchased 2021 Apple TV 4k, not giving me the option to enable Atmos sound in the AV settings. I came from a 3rd Gen (non 4k) ATV with my previous setup so I had to search to even know there was an option to do so. 

I have searched and google'd for about a week now and I have not found any info (probably because the 2021 ATV 4k is pretty new) 

I know Atmos works on the soundbar, because I also have Google Chromecast 4K (plugged into the Q90 TV's OCB too) and when watching Atmos content the soundbar displays it in the LCD panel. What I don't understand is why does it work with the Chromecast and not with the 2021 ATV4k?! Also I tried plugging the ATV4k directly into the soundbar and the Atmos option does show in the ATV4K AV setting options (like I it should be when plugged into the OCB) but then you can't enable DD+ because the soundbar settings says DD+ can only be enabled through ARC ... I'm like AHHHHH 🤬🤬

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!!

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