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Q90R Soundbar issues since the 1010.5 eARC update

@SamsungGill @SamsungCaleb


Hey guys!  I seen your assistance here on some other posts relating to the Q90R soundbar and wanted to see if you can give me some input.  Since the 1010.5 update of the Q90R soundbar with eARC support, I have been having huge issues with the HDMI-CEC power sync.


I'm using an LG CX TV and everything worked great before the update.  It's a very simple setup at the moment. My soundbar is going into the HDMI eARC port of the TV (port 2) and my PS4 Pro is going into the HDMI 1 port of the soundbar.  Once I get a next gen console, then it will go into the TV's HDMI port to take advantage of eARC.  For now, the PS4 Pro is fine in the soundbar port.


Anway, before the update, when I turned the TV off, the soundbar and PS4 Pro would shut down.  When I turned the PS4 Pro on, eveything would power up.  When I'd go into Netflix on my TV, it would auto-switch to TV ARC.  When I'd go back to the PS4, it would go to HDMI 1.


Now, since the update, NOTHING syncs.  When I turn my PS4 Pro on, the TV and soundbar sometimes comes on (it's random when it works or not), but the soundbar defaults to eARC mode.  I have to manually switch it to HDMI 1 to get the PS4 Pro signal.  It also constantly loses the ARC handshake to the TV and the TV will go to Internal Speakers.  I have to go into the TV settings to change it back to ARC.  When I power the TV off...the soundbar and PS4 Pro both stay on, so I now have to power them off, separately.  It's super annoying.


Things I have tried: Unplugging the soundbar unit from the wall for 30 seconds to a minute at a time.  Holding Right and Left on the remote to toggle off the AnyNet+ (or whatever it's called) and the AutoPower settings and then toggle them back on.  Holding down to try to update further.  Unplugging the HDMI cable from the eARC port of the TV to re-handshake.  Toggling off and back on the SimpLink (what LG calls HDMI-CEC) and eARC settings on my TV multiple times.


Nothing has worked.  Literally the only thing I haven't tried is resetting the soundbar to the factory defaults.  The Q90R soundbar has been so buggy since the 1010.5 update and a lot of people on Reddit (where I have posted in the Soundbars subreddit) are having this same issue.  Any idea if this is a known problem with the current firmware and if it will be fixed soon?




Re: Q90R Soundbar issues since the 1010.5 eARC update

I'm having similar issues. My TV is a Samsung Q80T that's only a few days old. The HW-Q90R (also on 1010.5) seemed to be powering on and off normally for the first couple days but now it won't always turn on with the TV. When it is on, it will power off after a few minutes and switch to TV speakers. If I disable eARC on the TV, it will remain on but it still has the issue where it doesn't always power on with the TV. I left eARC disabled for now because it has a cracking/popping issue with Atmos content (both lossless via TrueHD and lossy via DD+) and it also doesn't support uncompressed 5.1/7.1 PCM.


My old TV was also Samsung and the HW-Q90R powered on and off like normal even after the 1010.5 update. That TV didn't have eARC though, but again now I have the issue with just ARC.