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Q90R Subwoofer and Rear Speakers Drop Connection

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This is an update to an earlier post, since I have progressed in being able to narrow down (but not solve) my problem.

Q90R fed via HDMI(ARC) from new Samsung 65" 8K TV. Subwoofer and rears are within 12' of the soundbar. When turning on the system in the morning, sub and rears are silent, but with solid blue lights. If I power down the bar, sub and rears, then plug them back in, I usually get good surround sound. However, it quits again at least once a day and always overnight. Firmware revision numbers show as:

M-0133.0, B-1012.6, H-0051.0, FD-0040.0, W-0240.0, S-0133.0, RR-01330.0, RL-0133.0

In seeing other reports of firmware numbers, it looks like my soundbar number is up to date, but the subwoofer and the 2 rears are not. I have tried doing a USB update, but the soundbar does not respond to the insertion of the USB stick. I have tried the process for updating only the sub and rears, but that results in a "NOT AVAILABLE" message on the soundbar window. I have spent a few weeks trying to get my HW-Q90R working!

Bill Halberstadt

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