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Q950A muffled dialogue voices

(Topic created: 07-03-2022 09:27 AM)
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I’ve just connected the sound bar via HDMI arc to  a Samsung AU7100 70 TV and when playing 4K movies from a Panasonic 4K player  the sound is great in surround BUT  the dialogue voices are very muffled. It sounded better in the bar’s Standard mode, but then there’s no surround through through the back speakers. When playing justice league  there was no option to play Standard mode and the voices we almost inaudible. I found the central channel volume setting and maxed it but still sounds like it’s under water. I’ve tried switching on the voice enhancement on the Samsung things app with not much improvement. I’m at a loss, very frustrated and disappointed that after choosing this product because of good reviews its not delivering through the centre channel. Anyone has this issue and found a solid solution? 

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