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Q950A night mode not sufficient

(Topic created: 10-17-2021 01:01 PM)
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I have owned the bar for a while now and thinking about returning the same. In most movies, I need to constantly increase or decrease the volume. Action scenes are too loud, dialogues too flat and mids missing.

From a working night node, I would have expected the same. But in the end, even the center Volume drops when I enable the same, while the loud scenes stay.

I tried dialog boost with night mode but that sounds odd and the center without any mid-tones.

Shall I really set all channels to -6 while having+6 in the center... All over, the sound volume consistency is way better when disabling the bar.

I think Samsung should really upgrade the Firmware to have the night mode adjustable or to limit the volume. I mean I can use a max 10 of 100 in a very large room so I wonder what the volume slider is for...

Waiting for an update for that night mode. I can understand that a powerful cine default wants this high dynamic range but for me, it's impractical in most daily film sessions in the evenings.

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